AA Service Plans

Ensure that your vehicle can be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications without having to worry about those costs.

Please note: this is an exclusive product that is only sold through our dealer network.

What is it?

Service Plans are car service plans that cover the cost of all scheduled services in the future. These are usually indicated in your manufacturer’s handbook or service kit. Regular servicing is essential to keep your vehicle in safe driving condition, but with this plan you won’t have to budget every year for it, nor worry about inflation, parts or labour cost increases.

Service plans give you peace of mind and help you budget for the servicing costs that come along with owning a vehicle, so you won’t feel the pinch when the time comes for regular servicing.

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No hefty servicing costs


Budget better


New or extended plans


Choose your timeframe

Why should I get it?

  • No costly annual bills. There’s nothing worse than realising it’s that time of year again and you need to pay for your car to be serviced. Get this regular cost covered by someone else.
  • Tailored to suit you. No fixed kilometers will be applied, instead we’ll calculate your unique premium depending on your vehicle’s service history, and the distances you drive.
  • Choose your time frame. Buy a service plan for either 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84 months – whatever suits you best.

PLUS, you can choose to take out a brand new plan or buy an extension to your existing service plan.

How do I qualify?

  • Your vehicle has less than 500 000 km and less than 20 years for a Service Plan
  • You drive a passenger vehicle for private or business use only
  • You drive a 4x4, light commercial vehicle, minibus or panel van
  • Your vehicle is registered and is in a roadworthy condition
  • Your vehicle’s gross mass does not exceed 3500kg
  • Your vehicle is locally manufactured or imported by a local manufacturer (with at least a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty)

Do you own a car and want a plan that helps you cover its servicing? Leave your details on the 'Get in Touch' page and we’ll be in touch.